Family Law & Divorce for Military Members and Federal Civil Servants

Are you a member of the Uniformed Services?  Maybe active federal civil service?  How about retired military or a retired civil servant?  Perhaps you are a spouse of one of the above?  If you are considering a divorce or find yourself in the middle of one, you should know that your divorce is different in ways that will have a major and life long impact on your future financial well being and  your access to healthcare.  All lawyers are not the same….despite what they may tell you.  Few have the experience or knowledge about your retirement and other military or federal benefits to make certain that you get what you should in your divorce.  Don’t find yourself on the short end of a divorce because your lawyer was wrong or used  your life and well being to get by at your expense on their learning curve.

Mr. Camp is a Retired Air Force Judge Advocate (JAG) with the family Law and trial experience to represent clients with special military or federal civil service issues in their divorce.  He serves as Lead Counsel for cases in Central Georgia.  He is also available to serve as a highly credentialed expert witness and consultant for family law litigation involving military and civil service matters all over Georgia and the Southeast. You may need a special court order called a Military Pension Division Order, Court Order for  Processing, Retirement Benefits Court Order or special alimony or garnishment order to obtain what you were awarded during your divorce case.  Mr. Camp prepares these specialized court orders that satisfy state and federal law concerning the division of military and civil service benefits.  Refer to his Professional Resume available at this site.  The following are just a few of the topics Mr. Camp will assist you in:

  • General Family Law & Domestic Relations
  • Alimony Litigation
  • Military & Civil Service Divorce Issues
  • Real & Personal Property Division
  • Garnishment of Military & Civil Service Pay
  • Military, CSRS & FERS Pensions, TSP
  • Child Support Issues for Military Parents
  • Military Deployment, Custody, and Visitation
  • Mediation & Arbitration

Its a Difficult Time, and You Probably Have a Lot of Anxiety Over What is going to Happen to Your Share of the Military and Federal Retirement Benefits and Healthcare.  Don’t worry….We’re Here to Help You!

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